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Therapist in Montclair NJ

Therapy is a personal process and requires a level of comfort with your therapist to develop trust, a necessary component of any good relationship. I am a therapist in Montclair NJ. I am an active participant in therapy; I provide feedback, observations, thoughts and ideas and will guide you in learning new ways to deal with whatever it is that has you reaching out – which is an important first step.


therapist Montclair nj

Therapy in Montclair NJ

I provide private therapy in Montclair NJ. Our therapy sessions can be custom tailored to suite your individual needs.

Individual therapist: Increase self-understanding in order to work through a problem or an issue that negatively impacts your ability to work, love or play.

Couples therapist: Assist you and your partner with learning mindful communication skills and about “conscious relating” to better understand each other. If increasing intimacy is your goal, I will help you develop your ability to share feelings and thoughts in order to turn to each other as a source of connection and support.

Marriage Counselor: similar to couples therapy with an emphasis on the marriage.

Parenting therapist: Assist you in teaching your child self-discipline, self-respect and how to communicate effectively.

Substance abuse therapist: Assist you in understanding and making decisions about your relationship with alcohol/other drugs.

therapist Montclair nj

Schedule a private Therapy session in Montclair NJ

Schedule a private Therapy session in Montclair NJ by calling 973-655-8999. I am happy to answer any of your questions by phone.

Therapy Office Location: 55 Park Street Montclair, NJ 07042