Philosophy of Practice

In my practice I use Psychoanalytic, Family Systems, Relational Therapy and Body-Centered (Somatic) approaches. Psychotherapy is a process by which you explore and reflect on thoughts, feelings, behaviors and relationship dynamics in order to understand their influence on present experiences and choices. Certain feelings, thoughts and motivations are either difficult to accept or are out of our awareness.

Psychoanalytic theory values an unconscious process that operates just out of our consciousness. Therapy increases our awareness of what we are thinking and feeling so that we may respond to ourselves and others more authentically.

Our personalities and how we relate to others are largely shaped by our family dynamics. Family systems theory explains patterns of behavior and sensations as they were influenced by early relationships and experiences from our family of origin.

Relational Therapy, a practice written about by the late Stephen Mitchell (and others) values relationship as the motivating force in love, play and work. Based on the ideas generated by Attachment Theory and Object Relations Theory, our relationships with others and ourselves are what ultimately enable us to get our needs met and to meet the needs of others, to live more fulfilling and meaningful lives. The relationship with your therapist is also an opportunity to understand your experience with another person in the here-and-now.

Body-centered approaches work with the implicit and procedural memories we all have tucked in our tissues. The body doesn't necessarily hold feelings but it can express them. Bringing awareness to the various ways we experience "being", using all our senses, provides space for movement in and around painful feelings.

Therapy can also be used to develop and expand our capacity for mindfulness, capacity to tolerate and make use of negative (and positive) feelings and emotions, patience, trust, acceptance, compassion, forgiveness and love .

I strive to provide a warm, confidential and nonjudgmental space where I use these philosophies of practice to guide you in understanding and making sense of your emotional reactions, thoughts and experiences so that you may realize your relationship, work and life goals.